Hold me tight®

Press play to learn more about Hold Me Tight® for couples from Dr. Sue herself! (*This couples workshop is psychoeducational and not therapy.)

In the Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop, you and your partner will experience 7 conversations developed by world-renowned couples therapist, Dr. Sue Johnson, which will strengthen your bond and transform the way you communicate and share emotional experiences.

Discover how an understanding of your evolutionary wiring can help shift stubborn, negative cycles and increase the closeness you feel in your relationship! 

Whether you're dating, deciding about commitment, or partnered/married, I've never seen a couple walk away from this workshop without feeling more hopeful about their relationship. To quote many participants, "Game changer."


What will you experience? We'll go through 7 conversations, all of which involve a brief didactic with videos (including real couples in counseling with Dr. Sue!), 'break-out sessions' where you and your partner try out each conversation together in a private space, and group processing. 

The conversations build on each other and help partners tune into what is naturally wired-in already. We've all evolved to need from our partners: accessibility, responsiveness, and emotional engagement. Dr. Sue argues that 90% of conflict is protest at emotional disconnection.

You'll leave with a deeper understanding of your partner and the conflict patterns in your relationship *and* you'll have concrete, evidence-based ways to begin to disrupt negative cycles and increase bonding experiences. 

Strong bonds = happy relationships.

Day 1 will include the first half of the conversations, and Day 2 the latter. Lunch break 12-1pm! Water, coffee, snacks, and light breakfast will be provided both days. 


  • Hold Me Tight is a psychoeducational experience, not therapy; if we co-determine in the screening process or workshop that you could benefit from engaging in some relationship or individual psychotherapy, I may provide you with some referrals.

  • Not geared toward partners actively considering separation/divorce.

  • Seats are limited because each couple participating needs their own, private space to have intimate conversations.

  • You decide how much you'd like to disclose to the group.

  • If things derail in your conversations together and it starts feeling like a fight, you'll be able to alert me so that I can offer some individual support to get you back on track.


Nothing grows people like love. When we are loved, we blossom.
— Sue Johnson

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